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When Venus and Saturn are in each others Navmansha and aspect each other OR
Taurus / Libra ascendant and Aquarius Navmansha : 

Female is so much passionate about sex that she fulfills sexual desire by unnatural means  / artificial secret organs. If both yogas are present, it indicates excessive results. This yoga is not applicable for homosexuality.
If 7th House is vacant, her husband will be coward and week person.  If at the same time, no benefic aspect seventh house, the malefic results  will increase.  If 7th House has movable Sign, her husband will live in distant land; Eunuch if Mercury+Saturn are in 7th House; Sun - rejected by her husband; Mars - Widow; Saturn aspected by malefic - remains unmarried till old age. 

She will be rejected by her husband if weak malefic, aspected by malefic, is placed in seventh house. Many malefic planets in 7th makes her widow but if there are both malefics and benefics placed in 7th house, she remarries.  

If Venus and Mars are in each others Navmansha, the female will go after other males. If the Moon be simultaneously placed in 7th House, she will sex other men with consent of her husband.

If rising ascendant is of Mars or Saturn with Venus and Moon in it, aspected by malefics, both mother and daughter are characterless.

 If 7th House falls in  Navmansha of Mars and Saturn aspects seventh house, the female will have a diseased sex organ.  If the 7th house falls in Venus Navmansha and a benefic is placed in 7th house, the female will have attractive physical appearance and loved by her husband.  

If the 7th House or its Navmansha is ruled by Saturn, the females' husband will be fool and much older than female. The ruler ship of Mars in such a case will give a husband, who will be fickle minded, short tempered and gets attracted towards other women. Venus -  husband will be very beautiful and be fortunate. Mercury -  the husband will be skillful and knowledgeable. Moon - Sexually tormented husband, who will, however, be soft in disposition Jupiter - the husband will be virtuous and be a conqueror of the five senses. Sun - an industrious and intelligent husband. 
She will be jealous but happy if Venus and Moon are placed in Ascendant. Mercury and Moon placed in ascendant makes female happy, skillful in arts, many qualities, virtuous and modest. If Mercury and Venus are together in the Ascendant, the female will be beautiful, fortunate, skillful in arts. She has high interest in appearing beautiful. If benefics  are placed in the Ascendant, she will have good clothing, food and servants. But malefics give adverse effects.

As a general rule, malefics in the 8th will cause widowhood. This will occur in the Dasa of the Lord of the Navmansha occupied by the 8th Lord. A benefic in the 2nd will, however, cause the females' death in this Yoga, instead of widowhood. 

If Moon is in Virgo, Scorpio, Taurus or Leo, it indicates less number of male progeny.  Or if fifth house is aspected by benefics, it also indicates less male progeny.  
If Mercury, Venus and the Moon are weak; Saturn has moderate strength and rest male planets  are strong, the female concerned will be akin to a male in appearance and in acts. The Ascendant should in this case necessarily be an odd Sign.
A female will renounce, if a malefic is in 7thth house and 9th is occupied by any planet. The malefic planet in 7th House will decide renunciation as per its singnification.
If Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Moon are strong; Ascendant is in even Sign, the female will be a preacher and follower of Vedanta Philosophy. She will be an expert in interpretation of various Shastras.

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