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When Lagna lord of a native is placed in the 7

When Lagna lord of a native is placed in the 7th H, the native is his/ her favorite. They are per-occupied with themselves always.
They may be quite indecisive in life and may take lot of time to judge their course of actions. The placement of 7 th lord in a favorable house diminish this indecisiveness. 7th H is the door of external interactions of a native and he may be confused as to open it and go outside or stay in.

7th H is also associated with travel, so native may aimlessly roam around here and there regularly.
Such placement of Lagna lord in 7th House in Navamsha chart (D9) makes a native seek the advise of his/her spouse quite frequently in most affairs.
The results hold good in varga kundalis/ divisional charts with proper context of that aspect of life.

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