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vastu tips for hospital

vastu tips for hospital.

  • Construction of operation theatre should be done in Western portion of hospital.
  • All the medical equipments must be placed in South-east of hospital room.
  • Patient’s room should be ventilated with more windows from Eastern sides.
  • Store room in the hospital should be placed above the ground and all the equipments, medications, apparatus etc should be arranged in South-west or West
  • ICU and recovery rooms should be built in South-west portion of hospital for quick recovery.
  • Water arrangement should be done in the North-east.
  • Toilets must be built in North-west or West and avoid any other location for toilet.
  • Kitchen in hospital must be placed in South-east.
  • Doctor’s room should be constructed in regular shape which is essential to doctor’s prosperity and success.
  • make a worship room in north-east section.
  • avoid black color as much as possible 
  • use of green color is good for hospitals because green color is related to tissue and body cells.

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