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Vastu Tips for Early Marriage

Vastu Tips for Early Marriage – What to Follow

  1. A girl (after her menstruation cycle has started) must sleep in the North-West bedroom.
  2. If North-West bedroom is absent, then she can sleep in West bedroom with her head in West or South direction.
  3. Make sure that bed sheets etc. are light colored such as pink, baby pink, violet.
  4. carry an rose quartz crystal as pendant or bracelet and if the age is little high than use a rose quartz crystal pyramid appx. 2 kg and place in north-west of the girls or boy room.
  5. A boy, of marriageable age, can sleep in North-East, west or south. 
  6. If North-East bedroom isn’t available, then he can sleep in South bedroom.
  7. avoid black colour.
  8.  avoid any cactus or thorny plant in the bedroom.

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