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some raj yoga which is made by moon

some raj yoga which is made by moon

Adhi Yoga: When benefic planet placed in 6th , 7th , 8th house form Moon

Sunfapha Yaoga: Planet in 2th house form Moon

Anapha Yoga: Pnanet in 12th house from Moon: Healthy, Famous, All comforts, Happy.

Durudhara Yoga : Planet in 2th and 12th form Moon: Good speech, Healthy , Wealthy, Famous, all Comforts, Happy.

Kemadruma Yoga: Absence of planets both side of house form Moon: Bereft of wife , Children, learning, Mental peace, Suffer Humiliation, Misery, Physical illness, Poverty (This yoga can be canceled if any planet is in 1th from Moon or from Lagna or many planets aspecting the Moon or Moon is in Exaltation or friendly sign is in Kendra.

Vasumati/Vasuman yoga: When benefices occupy 3rd , 6th, 10th, 11th house (Upachaya) form Moon or lagna this yoga is formed. Person will be very wealthy and enjoys all comforts of life.

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