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Sagittarius sign Characteristics

The Lord of this zodiac is Jupiter who is the Teacher of God's. It's element is fire,two faced features and half watery zodiac. It's master of East Direction and is a male zodiac. People of this zodiac are full heighted, well built body and sound mind. They have bushy eyebrows and long nose. Let's see their positives and negatives. 

They are aggressive natured, hard workers and adventurous. They also become ambitious and furious. They solve even the toughest of problems with their patience, hardwork and courage. They are very confident. Due to fire element they very energetic and passionate.

Due to dual nature they can't decide quickly and take time to decide. At times they become proudy. They gain higher studies,love to travel.
They are hearty generous , self-confident , truthful and spiritual progressive.

They love to get progressive and are very strict and disciplined. Because of this they tend to make more enemies than friends. They also have a religious nature.

They are selfless , talented and well-versed in several languages ​​. Also are interested in literature . They can work as banker , professor , politician , good consultants , lawyers, teachers , high quality businessmen, teachers and lecturers.

Politics , law , mathematics or astrology also interests them. They have a passive attitude to the work and get successful. If a soldier these people can't show their back in war. Sagittariuns are good in Police,army and detective jobs.

They should be health conscious and should be careful of lung diseases and air related problems.

A very big negative of these people is that they tend to turn egoistic and start behaving like a scholar.

Rise in fate :- after 32 years is possible . 36 , 42 , 45 , 54 , 63 , 72 , and 81 th year are im
Effective and progressive.

Name characters : yey,yau,bha ,bhi ,bhu,dha,fa,dha,bhey

Friends : - Aries and Leo ,

Enemies : - Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces ,

Gemstone - Topaz ,

Good day : - Thursday ,

Friendly deity - Lord Vishnu ,

Favorable number: - 3 ,

Friendly Dates : - 3, 12 , 30 ,

Positives : - rationalist , logic , target acquisition and endeavored ,

Negatives : - very sly, ego

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