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Libra sign Tula Rashi Characteristics

Libra zodiac characteristics

The Lord of this zodiac is Shukra planet. It's is associated with pleasure and fame. It's element associated is air. The people of this sign have a balanced beautiful body and good looks. Medium height good built and have bright medium brown color generally. They have beautiful eyes, broad face,wide chest,big nose, broad shiny forehead and are mostly seen happy and smiling. Let's know them more

They can't stay angry for long time. They very well know how to make out what the other people are thinking inside them. They know this very well. They don't disclose their secrets to anyone.

Librans know how to take apt and quick decisions. Many a times even a smallest thing bothers them alot. They might not have enough resources but still they have very high aims in life. They are very compassionate people. They don't like to show and brag at all.

Librans are highly inclined towards justice and discipline. People of this zodiac are successful as skilled businessman, clever in public behavior,art and beauty oriented, beautiful clothes,creative decoration and politics. They are very skilled businessman.

Lawyer,judge,architect,editor,writer,literature are their favorite professions and are suited to them also.

They are clever moralists and think very well and know about fame - defame, profit-loss, win-loose. They never keep any discrimination in their thoughts.

It's also seen that after marriage their good time starts. They are capable of having happy married life and with peace. Their peace loving nature and comic nature is loved by all. Libra lagna women are very beautiful, clever and intelligent. They love their partners alot.

In love matters they are practical,stable and serious. They are ready to sacrifice to any extent for their loved ones.

Traveling by sea and overseas are very beneficial for them. Their success is laid on their soft face, polite and serious voice and attractive personality.

Librans life upliftment is seen at 25 years generally after that 34,43,52,61,70,79 years are very important.

Name characters : - Ra , Ri , Ru, Re, Ro,Ta , Ti , Tu , Te

Friends - Gemini, Aquarius , Pisces , Aries , Cancer,

Enemy : - Leo

Gemstone- diamonds

Friendly colors - cream , white , blue

Positives : - confident

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