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Green jade crystal uses and benefits

Green jade crystal is an green color stone.  It is astrologically considered to be the stone, wearing of which confers a person with hopes, positive attitude, a stable life. as green color related to mercury which is related to business activities, so this stone is highly recommended for business purpose. 

it comes in various variety like stones, cluster, pyramid, pendent, bracelet, rough, marcaba, flats, rocks etc. 

The Green jade stone, when studded with gold or silver rings or as jewellery, and if kept in contact with the skin, is believed to unblock the Sahashara Chakra. This chakra defines our identity, and is the mode of self-awareness and the expression of an individual's existence. When this Chakra is blocked, problems of depression, continuous headaches, mental fatigue etc. appear. The afflicted person is unable to feel happy with daily life.

 Green jade crystals  helps its wearer to be more emotive and grateful to nature, and to the Creator. It removes mental and skin problem, and induces optimism in life. 

if u buy it for business purpose than u can buy a stone an carry it or buy an pyramid and place it on north-east corner of your property. but before use u have to charge this crystal stone. 

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