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General Characteristics of Gemini sign

Lord of this zodiac is Budha (mercury) planet and element air is associated with it. Gemini's appearance is dual nature. They are very tall and not very heavy bodied and also don't have a very thin body. Bright colored, fuller face and have black and thin hair. They also have business intelligence. They have a introvert mind. To know what's in their mind is difficult. With their intelligence and cleverness they easily get to know what's in others mind. Let's see their characteristics. 

Budha planet is associated with intelligence. Budha Planet when sits with some other planet or is with another planet,or is effecting a planet it automatically turns that Planets way. The appearance and character of a person changes accordingly. They are very easily effected by company a bad company makes them bad and so is the case witha good company. They are easily effected by others attraction and influence. 

They very well think about both sides of a coin properly then only they can be decisive. They don't loose temper easily but when they do get angry they repent on it later. 

They are very talkative and experts at lecturing. They also have interests in studying as well. 

The people under this zodiac are associated with literature ,Direction, writing,banking related work or business ,press etc and gain success in these fields and are able to get to a good social status. 

They believe in working mentally than physically and are self respected. They are blessed with money,Physical pleasures and means. They maintain good relations with government and high order officers. 

They are keen to know new things. They have best physical health, but at times they suffer waist related problems,kidney, excretion related diseases. 

They have Allegiance for their friends and they also help in government work either directly or indirectly. 

They have reverence for religion and do the religious rituals sincerely. Alongside whenever they get opportunity they show their generosity and donation among people socially. 

If you have any astrological related or Vastu related problems or questions then you can write on our forum as well, you will be answered quickly. 

Nature : - brutal nature , metallic nature , 

Friendly colors - green , 

Lucky day : - Wednesday , 

Friendly God - lord Ganesha , Goddess Saraswati , Goddess Durga , 

Fasting day : - Wednesday , 

Favorable number : - 5 

Favorable dates : - 5, 14 , 23 

Favorable year - 21 , 30 , 39 , 48 , 57 , 66 , and 75 th year of the utmost importance . 

Friends : - Libra , Leo, Virgo , Aquarius 

Enemies : - Cancer, Taurus, Gemini 

Name characters : - ka,ki,Ku,GH,kay,CH,ko ha 

Personality: - smart , fearless , intelligent , 

Positives : - skilled ,tradespeople , adroit speech , 

Negative facts : - ruthless , autism , inexorable , 

Gemstone - emerald

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