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Directions to Construct the Staircase

Staircase is an important place of your house. When stairs built incorrectly, it will give negative effects on your
family. Vastu for stairs are a few simple factors which will give you an idea of how staircases should be constructed according to the vastu shastra.

Directions to Construct the Staircase

  • The main staircase consider good if built in the following directions

  1. South wall 
  2. West wall 

  • The staircase should raise only from these two directions

  1. East to west
  2. North to south
    other directions 
    • It can be built from the south-east and north-west corners. 
    • A staircase on the north-east corner.
    • always avoid north and north-east for stairs

    Useful Vastu Tips for Staircase

    • The uppermost staircases should have roof.
    • There should not be a common staircase for upstairs and to the basement
    • The staircase should be in odd number. They should not end with 0 unit like 10, 12, 30 etc.
    • If there are doors in the staircase, then the upper door should be 9 to 10 inches shorter than the lower one.
    • The main staircase should neither originate from nor end in strong room, kitchen, wooden room or prayer room. It’s not good to keep safety lockers under the stairs.
    • Stairs should be painted in light colors bit avoid blue colour.
    • The staircase should always turn in clockwise. 

    The Negative Effects

    • It should not be in the central square or the brahmasthan of the house

    • Do not keep your safety lockers under the staircases
    • If any part of the staircase is damaged, repair it at your earliest possible. This will lead to mental stress and quarrels.
    • A staircase in north-east corner will result in loss of wealth and business.
    • The staircase should not encircle the building as it may lead to many calamities. The peace in the family may get disturbed. They also bring negative effects on health.
    • do not make toilet under staircase.

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