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Vastu tips for wealth

 Vastu shastra and wealth

Vastu and wealth is synonymous. When things works according to vastu, wealth comes itself. A Vastu compliment home can prosper you with lot of wealth. After health, Wealth is the most important and essential priority in life and without money survival is impossible in all ways. In vastu Shastra we have to follow some laws to get money and wealth. Here are some of them…

  • North direction is related to God of wealth, so it is important to keep this direction lite,energetic and positive so as to sustain good energies that help raise wealth.
  • North-east or Eshaan corner must be free from any construction and it should be open if not possible make a worship room there.
  • Blocking or place heavy objects in East and North can harness money flow and block your business and earning capability.
  • Cluttering is considered as the biggest defects in modern Vastu because it is made by human itself. Therefore to trigger up finances it is essential to keep all the clutter away from house.
  • A overhead water tank in north-east can block your earnings but a underground water tank in this direction make you rich.
  • In modern days wall color is also a problem, dark color or earthy colors in north and east can create blunder.

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