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Vastu for Apartment/Flat

Before purchasing or renting a flat or apartment some basic things must be considered to make things going right. some times flat a premises has some defects which is considered bad for person who stay. In modern world there is no chance that a property has 100% vastu compliance but trying to avoid big Vastu dosha or defects. 
we suggests you some points which is consider while shifting to new house. 

  • Construct or choose a flat/apartment having entrance in North, East or North-west. Avoid main door in South-west.

  • Avoid purchasing flats with cuts in North-east or South-west direction.
  • Drainage pipes should have their way in West, North or North-west clear avoid if drainage towards south-west.
  • Slope of balcony should be towards the East or North.
  • Check out the North-east corner of flat as this portion must be converted into worship room or left open. it should not be master bedroom.
  • Kitchen should be in the South-east direction, if not possible than north-west is good.
  • Check or construct over-head tank in South-west and underwater tank in North-east.

  • Do not buy a property which is extended towards south-west.

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