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some vastu tips for health

health is the most important part of human life. it is the ability of individuals or communities to adapt and self-manage when facing physical, mental or social challenges. so maintain health is essential for gain wealth
and prosperity. 

vastu tips for health.

Always sleep with head towards South or East.

Never sit or sleep under the exposed beam.

always Face East or North while eating your meal.

An ideal kitchen should be located in South-east if not possible make in north-west, and facing east while cooking.

Avoid kitchen in North-east as its create health problems in women. also read kitchen in vastu

North-east is corner for flowing water, so keep some source of water here like table top water fountain or any moving water item.

the South-west portion should be ideally provided to elderly people or main owner of house in order to keep them in good health.

To have sound sleep, keep mobile phones and any other gadget away from bed. Also keeping iron stuff beneath the bed creates health problems for people.

Growing bamboo and milky plants in home is inauspicious, so avoid it.

Do not keep exposed mirrors in home and cover all mirror including laptop screen and TV screen etc.

Green colour is auspicious in North-east. also read green color in vastu shastra

Avoid constructing kitchen and toilet together and ensure that both the place have maximum distance from each other.

Place under the staircase should be used for storage but avoid making any usable place here such as kitchen, toilet etc.

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