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The Toilets and Bathrooms today, are an integral part of the House unlike in the olden days when there was no water supply through pipes and no drainage and sewage pipeline system, and people were forced to use open spaces as Toilets for daily ablutions. However today with the easy
availability of water through taps and underground sewage pipeline system, toilets and bathrooms have become a part of the house, with the W.C., wash basin and bath shower/bath tub , all combined in one room, commonly known as the Bathroom. Bathrooms are BATHROOMtreated with no less respect than other rooms. if one observes the style of bathrooms in modern houses, they cannot but agree to the ultra changes brought to them. It is a place where one is to himself with total privacy and relaxation a midst the elegantly perfumed soaps and scented oils. According to the Vaastu Shastra, the bathroom direction, its fittings, the colors of the walls should all receive proper attention. Some tips to be followed while constructing the bathroom are as follows:
  • Toilets should to be in the North-West or West of the house/building.
  • If it is an attached toilet, it should preferably be to the North-West side of the room.
  •  If the West and North-West corners are not available, the next best option is the South-East of the building or room.
  • Avoid constructing a toilet in the center of the building and in the North-East corner of the building.
  • The toilet should be one or two feet higher than the ground level.
  •  Marble or granite tiles should not be used for flooring in the Bathroom.
  •  The Wash Basin, Bathtubs and shower area should be placed on the North East, North, or East sides of the room.
  • The Commode or WC should be in the West, the South or the North-West side of the west in the Bathroom.
  • The commode should be oriented such that person sitting on the WC, faces either towards the North or the South or not in the East-West direction.
  • When lying in a bathtub, the head position should be in the South.
  • Mirrors in the Bathroom may be on the North and East walls.
  •  In the Bathroom, if possible, there should be a small window in the East or West and a bigger window in the North after providing for privacy.
  • The door of the Bathroom should be in the East or the North direction as far as possible.
  • The color of the walls of the Bathroom can be according to one‘s choice but it is preferable to have light shades. Avoid red and black color.
  •  A Jacuzzi should not be placed in the center of the bathroom. It should be placed in NE or NW zone of the bathroom.
  • A shower cabin should be placed in North or East of bathroom.
  •  Bath tub can be placed in the NW of the bathroom.
  • Dressing room has always been attached with bathrooms. Dressing room can be placed in South, West or SW zone. But dressing table should be placed in such a manner that the mirror is always placed either on Northern wall or Eastern wall.


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