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The Kitchen is called the “Power House" which should be looked after utmost care. Improper placing of the kitchen or unhygienic kitchen leads to health problems and it can also affect lungs, kidney, stomach, liver and the various parts of the human body. Ancient people, especially in the famous civilization like Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa, place of cooking was given the foremost
priority and hygiene was also maintained accordingly. Therefore the ancient Indian science, Vaastu puts greater importance on the topic of Kitchen.

According to Vaastu, the proper place for a kitchen in a house is South - East corner, as SE is supposed to be the place of Lord Agni, God of Fire. From the scientific point of view as well, it is considered to be the proper place for a kitchen, as beneficial rays like Infra — Red rays coming from East which enhance the positive energies and Ultra Violet rays from South which are harmful for germs like bacteria, virus and etc, come from these directions. Kitchen can be in South, but is strictly not recommended in North — east and south — West area, because NE corner is the main source of positive energies and SW corner represents Earth. According to this belief where water activity should be prohibited completely and this corner is supposed to be the most stable and powerful corner which is ideally for bedroom only. The other option for Kitchen recommended by Vaastu is north — West corner where activity is allowed and is almost good because it is the Air Zone or Vaayukona. Air helps is burning Fire. Some tips to be followed while constructing the kitchen are as follows:
  • According to Vaastu Science, one should face East while cooking rather than any other direction, especially North due to the magnetic rays coming from this direction.
  • The wash place or sink should be away from the cooking range. As per Vaastu Fire and Water shall not be together in the same row, but if it is there than there must be the distance of minimum 5 feet.
  • It the distance is also not possible due to the shortage of space then a utensil case or any barrier should be kept in between the cooking place and the washing area.
  • Vaastu does not allow dustbin or any kind of putrid things in NE corner of the kitchen.
  • The most recommended colors by Vaastu for the Kitchen are Yellow and Green. With yellow we mean a ting of yellow, like crockery, borders of the tiles, etc.
  • Colors like Black, Blue and Red should be totally avoided. Especially Blue should be avoided as it represents water and it always clashes with fire.
  • A green plant is recommended to be kept in the kitchen, which can create a healthy atmosphere.
Nowadays, Modular/Scientific Kitchen is the Interior’s favorites. To plan the Modular kitchens keep the following objectives in mind:
a) Space Utilization                                 g) Optimum Efficiency
b) Comfortable and Cozy                        h) Hygiene
 c) Durable                                                 i) Appropriate Colors and Plants
 d) Safe                                                      j} Eco-Friendly Materials
e) Least Leg Work                                     f) Good Ambiance
f) Fresh Air                                          I) Contamination Free Healthy Environment

In Modular Kitchen various types of accessories are available like Basket Pull Out, Bottle Pull Out, Magic Corner, Tall Unit, etc. Vaastu encourages energy efficiency and comfort; therefore, it does promote accessories but prefers wooden handles and wooden work for the cupboards and their handles.
The five element placement in a kitchen should be seriously considered. The sink should be placed in the NE, the stove and other electric appliances are to be placed in the SE. Heavy, tall and full height cabinet with an earthen feel in to be placed in SW. The Center  North and East of the kitchen should not be covered with cabinets. The NW corner can be used for any purpose but should not be preferably blocked.


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