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  • ‘The children’s bedrooms should be in the North-West or West.CBR
  • The younger children's bedroom can also be on the East side of the house.
  • Bedroom walls should be painted a light rose, dark blue, dark green, gray, etc. Some authorities say that the walls should not be painted white or a light yellow.
  • The door should be set in the East, West or North, and should ideally be one shutter.
  • Kids should sleep with his head facing East or South.
  • Upon rising from bed, the right foot should be placed on the floor first. If one is to study in the bedroom, the East side should be used.
  • The wardrobe should be located on the North-West or South-West side of the bedroom. TV, heaters, and air conditioners should be located in the South-East corner.
  • The South-West corner of the room should not be vacant. An attached bathroom could be built on the West or North sides of the room. Avoid keeping the photo, calendar or idols of any Deities in the bedroom.
  • At night it is advisable to keep alight burning. A night bulb will do. Never keep the bedroom pitch dark.
  • If the kids are small, the interiors should be bright and enlightening.
  • Bright colors with creative design patterns should be used; soft design patterns with less of Geometric shapes should be used.
  • In the study area of children, furniture’s should be placed towards the Southern and Western walls. The chair, table and sofa should be placed in a manner that the face should be towards North or East.
  • Light facing in upward direction like bracket light or wall mounting light is recommended in the study room as it is supposed to lift the energy in the evening hours.
  • Vaastu doesn't recommend a student to face South or West, as magnetic rays coming from Northern side will strike the South facing person from his back and won‘t be able to earn the positive power from those rays.
  • West facing students will also get affected by negative energies instead of positive one.
  • The main door of the Study room should not be exactly behind the student otherwise it will disturb concentration and can arouse the feeling of insecurity.

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