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Rest and relaxation are the two words that are foremost in one's BRmind when returning home from work. Talking of rest and relaxation, the bedroom comes to our mind quite naturally.

According to the ancient science of Vaastu Shastra the level of peace and tranquility that prevails in the bedroom can be enhanced by observing some
simple principles.

 Vaastu Shastra, the sacred science from India that creates harmonious stress-free living and working environments, supports your success in all areas of life, even in the bedroom! Something everyone has in common is sleeping. It takes up approximately one third of your life and therefore is an extremely important factor in your overall health.

 bedroom direction as per vastu

Bed Room in North: This direction can be given to children, youngsters, old couples,
Bed Room in NE: This direction should not have any bedroom since it is the sacred space of the house.
Bed Room in East: The direction is ideal for unmarried children.
Bed Room in SE; The direction is not recommended for having bedroom since it is the quadrant of fire and imparts a hot temperament to those o
Constant quarrels between couples and insures excessive expenditure. Children staying in this direction do not take interest in their studies and finds it difficult to get a sound sleep.
Bed Room in South: The direction can be given to both either couples or kids. Although major preference goes to couples. It will give strength to the bonding between the couples.
Bed Room in SW: The direction is ideal for having master bedroom and should be occupied by the head of the family. It should be larger than the other rooms. In case of a multi storeyed building, this room should always be on the top floor.
Bed Room in West: The direction is ideal for students. However, it increases the probability of birth of a larger number of girls in the family.
Bed Room in NW: The location is the best for newlywed couples.
The main bedroom should be on the South-West or North-West side of the house. If there is an upper story in the house, the master bedroom should be on this floor, in the South-West corner. Adult married children can also use this room. Younger children, however, should not use it because that will cause trouble in the-household.
Bedrooms on the North-East side of the house will also cause trouble.

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