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yellow color in vaastu

Yellow color meaningyellow

Yellow is an energizing color associated with sun.
It signifies wisdom, patience, illumination, light, intellect and higher mental activity
Yellow is a very good color for studies, concentration and stabilizing the mind.
It stimulates the brain cells and nurtures the clarity of thoughts.
Yellow has the cementing nature; those with fractures or weak bones should go for the yellow color clothes.
Yellow is great for rooms which do not get direct sunlight
It’s a color of solar plexus chakra which rules our behaviour; hence those with behavioral problems should go for the yellow colors.
It is a best suites color on the northern walls of the building.
If east, north or NE is blocked, then yellow color can be provided as a remedy.
North facing structures can have some yellow color element in front
North side rooms color for Puja/worship rooms
Yellow is for prosperity hence keeping semi-precious yellow stone in the cash box can boost up the wealth.

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