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Wind chimes are a very popular Feng Shui cure, so there is a variety of ways you can use them for good Feng Shui. Wind chimes are an excellent source of enhancing good luck & suppressing bad luck in the house. Wind chimes help in making a good chi flow, by the sound the wind chimes makes. The gentle sound of wind chimes can help to create a flow of positive energy and facilitate good chi. It can also correct negative chi flow by covering harsh or negative sound in the environment, like as the sound of traffic.
The number of rods in a wind chime & the material used are also important. One should not hang wind chimes anywhere in the house. The placement is also equally important, generally metal wind chimes are supposed to be hung in north-west and western areas.
Hang a 6 rods metal wind chime in north-west area for enhancing good luck. Odd number wind chimes like 5 & 7 rods are used for suppressing negative vibrations of a wrong entry & even number of rods like 6 & 8 are used for enhancing positive energies of the premise. Remember, the metal rods should be hollow.WC
Wind chimes sound have a healing effect on our bodies & minds, awaken our spirits. The resonance and vibration of tones releases stress and emotional blockage in the body and calms the mind. The calming mind expands conscious awareness and connection with spirit. Negative energies rises through these hollow pipes of wind chimes and converts into positive energy.

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