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what is vastu shastra


what is vastu shastra

vastu is an ancient indian science of architecture and buildings which helps in making a congenial balance and harmonious environment within a structure. this involves in all the directions of the universe. each direction in vastu provides very subtle energies which can be sensed, like gravitational energy, solar energy, lunar
energy, magnetic energy etc. when we build any structure, we have to take care of energy flow from all the direction for the sake of balanced harmonious environment. if any of these get tensed, vastu defects are created.

      in simple terms, vastu is an ancient art and science with well defined laws and principle. the break-up of the word vastu we get "vaas" which means home and "tu" means god, which collectively means the place where god can live. practising of vastu ensures a happy balance between man and nature, thereby bringing all- round happiness, good health, wealth and prosperity.

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