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vastu case study of sun temple konark, orissa, INDIA

sun provides a vital source for the process of creating lives on earth. realizing the importance of sun, ancient Indians constructed a majestic temple foe the sun god, at konark, orissa, INDIA.

1. the site chosen for the construction of the temple is a low area, when compared to the surroundings.

2. the site plan has increased NNW and SSW while reducing NNE and ESE.

3. the shape of the temple resembles a chariot, projected east and chopped off ENE and ESE.

4. its foundation is less elevated than that of the main temple.

5. the temple of mayadevi, which is located to the SW of the unfurnished chaya devi's temple, is more less elevated than the main temple.

6. the entrance in south, had resulted in southward movement and a absence of the gate in north together with the gate in east without use, reduced the grandeur and opulence of the temple.

7. the well in SE had nullified the good effects of another well in north.

8. the incomplete construction of chayadevi temple is also a vaastu dosh.

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