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Lord Venkateshwara’s temple at trimula
trimulaTrimula venkateshwara temple is a famous Hindu temple located in the hills town trimula, near tirupati in the chittor district of Andhra Pradesh, India. Trimula is a first most divine pilgrim center of Hindu/Vedic religion, popularly known as sri venkateshwara temple which is dedicated for the supreme god shri Mann narayana/ maha Vishnu.

The temple faces east and the deity is placed in west, facing east. It is covered by mountains on all the sides except north-east. Pushkarini, the holy pond is located to the north-east of the temple. A waterfall, popularly called as “AKASH GANGA” is located 3kms away from the temple in the northern direction. Other water sources popularly called as “VYKUNTHA TIRTHA”, PAPA NASHNAM and THUMBURA TITHA”, are located in north-east and northern directions, at a distance of 3, 5 and 16kms respectively.
The study has revealed that the reason for the frequent mishaps in trimula ghat and other calamities on trimula hills lies in raising of some structures near the temple in undesirable directions, against the principles of Vaastu. After the mishaps of 1980, some of the defects have been rectified, like abutting for compound wall outside the temple, where there is a counter for blessed food, the verandah is built along with the eastern wall incompletely, cutting of the north-east, making it a defective structure. All the corners of the temple have been covered, and a terrace is built above the closed north-east, with the slope towards south. It is a source of sufferings of the pilgrims, as south verandah is an eel upon riches and women.

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