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The concept of Animal symbolism is as Perform School and occupies an important status and utility in Feng - Shui .It is believed that houses are guarded by five animal spirits of which Black Tortoise. Green Dragon, Red Phoenix. White Tiger and Yellow Snake are the representative. The snake is seated in middle and surrounded by all four animals-an animal occupying and guarding one direction each. Each animal has its individual importance and significance and there are also individual characteristics of each animal symbol. If you look at the following figure you will observe that snake is found in the centre. Tortoise on the North, Dragon on the East, Phoenix on the South and White Tiger on the West side.

Characteristic Features of Five Animals:
Associated direction: NorthANI
Element:                   Water
Color:                        Black

This animal dominates and rules over Water, and winter season. Of all the sides’ tortoise side should be the highest side. The Chinese consider tortoise as the symbol of good luck because the original magic square was found on the back of a tortoise. They also symbolize patience, endurance, long life (longevity), wisdom and stability. It is believed that if ornaments which depict figure of tortoise are also capable to produce the same beneficial effects as actual animal can.

Associated direction: East
Element:                   Wood
Color:                          Green
It rules Wood element, spring season, and the spirit of dragon signifies strength, good luck, good nature, male fertility and benevolence. Due to its amazing power, it also symbolizes wisdom. The Dragon side should be higher in all remaining spirits. This animal is maybe one of the most representative symbols of the Chinese art, as it is rare to see any celebration without its presence. The term apart from being part of the 5 celestial animals is also used to describe the energetic currents; we speak of water dragons to describe courses of this element, or of mountain dragons to symbolize the channels where the energy flows in the mountain chain. Where appears the green dragon? It is generally situated on the left of the snake in the form of a hill, building, porch, tree, closet or any other structure that wraps. The left side is associated with the West, in many cases with intuition or what we might call tact and feminine wisdom.

Associated direction: South
Element:                  Fire
Color:                        Red
It is a female symbol and represents the Empress. It is the Fire element and summer season. This mythological bird corresponds to the inverse side of the turtle, in other words the facing, the fa├žade, the views that most buildings own. If immobility and protection are clear characteristics for the black “I turtle, the phoenix needs a certain space, an open area to receive energy. An illustrative case of not having a phoenix is a building that once constructed shows its principle facade orientated to a mountain or other similar buildings or structures that block the correct reception of energy or Qi. When you read a book that recommends you to avoid putting a tree in front of your door, this reminds you to conserve the phoenix. if you feel uncomfortable with your desk looking to the wall it is exactly because of the same reason, the human eyes have not been designed to live in captivity or underground, but to enjoy the necessary extend that symbolizes this principle. A phoenix keeps certain principles and still reflecting the broad view, it should attract the flow of Chi in a controllable way. That is why an entirely free facade open to all influences would not be very secure. The phoenix remains in front of the yellow snake similar to a couch table in front of the sofa or a gentle hill in the front.

Associated direction: West
Element:                  Metal
Color:                     White
White Tiger should be the land's lowest side. It was a mate God that represented humanity, reliability, duty, virtue and great ritualistic behavior.
It ruled over the Metal Element, western Direction, and autumn season and represents the young energy (Chi) in its purse form and the male. Its spirit emerges during the mid part of the life. It should remain on a high side on the land.
The tiger is an animal that represents the force, the energy, the daring. In relation with the green dragon, this animal appears on the right of the yellow snake. It is a mountain, building, closet or structure that keeps a less predominant relationship than the green dragon. We can find some divergence in between which of the animal has to be more predominant, the tiger or the dragon. In any case it is in common accepted the protective existence of both animals on each side of the yellow snake, something like to count with a good sofa or a comfortable armchair. In the old comments a configuration respecting the animals, similar in some form to a horseshoe, favors the settlement of the qi or Chi in a particular area.

Associated direction      centre

Element                            Earth

Centre                             Yellow

It is pivot around which ail the season revolve. Since it is in the centre it should not be low or high. It is stationed in the centre and is in a coiled shape and is fully protected by the four animals. It represents each element and rules the centre. It speaks of the centre. the place of  reference to explain the rest of the symbolic animals. In the theory of the 5 elements the color yellow is associated with the Earth, in the centre. The snake has affinity with this Concept being an extremely receptive, sensible animal that stays alert perceiving what surrounds it.

Other Symbol and their Significance
A part from the five animals, there are, other symbols that possess individual significant Features, as shown hereunder.
S.NO.              ANIMAL SYMBOL                            CHARACTERISTIC Significance
1.                    Bird                                                      Double Happiness
2.                      BATS                                                             Luck
3.                 CRANES                                                       Longevity, Honesty, Fidelity
4.                DEAR                                                                  Wealth
5.              ELEPHANT                                                            Wisdom
6                  FLOWERS                                                         Wealth
7.                GOLD PIECES                                                    Wealth
8                  FRUIT                                                                     Luck
9.               FISH                                                                       Success
10.              CLOUDS                                                                Wisdom & Heavenly Blessings
11.          TORTOISE                                                               Longevity
12.          DRAGON & PHOENIX                                         Balance of Ying & Yang
13.                 LOTUS                                                         Uprightness & Endurance
14.             VASE                                                                              Peace
15.             WATER RIPPLES                       Heavenly Blessings & Wealth

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