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SW toiletSW
  • Keep the toilet door closed.
  • Keep one pyramid yantra in the SW corner of the toilet.
  • Keep a ceramic bowl filled with camphor crystals.
  • Fix one small copper plate above the drain below the wash basin.
  • Put 4mm dia. Copper wire below the main gate.

SW kitchen
  • Try to minimize the usage of water in the kitchen
  • Burn holistic lamp in the living room regularly
  • Hang 5 metal rod wind chime at the kitchen entrance
  • Avoid blue, black and green color in the kitchen
  • Fix copper plate on the top of the drain

SW entry
  • Hang 30mm crystal ball on the main door
  • Try and keep the main door closed as far as possible
  • Draw 1” red line below the entry
  • Put 3mm copper wire below the door

SW main gate
  • Put 4mm dia. Copper wire below the main gate
  • Paint the gate black or cherry
  • Make entry from south or SE if possible
  • Fix convex Pakua mirror on the main gate column.

SW area depressed
  • Keep one pyramid yantra each in all the 4 corners of the depressed area.
  • Avoid using that area as a bedroom
  • Evaporate camphor crystals in that area.

SW corner of plot extended
  • Separate the extended plot by putting 5mm copper wire inside the earth. Also place 2 pyramid yantras on the extreme edges of the wire.
  • The ground level of the extended portion should be higher

SW underground water tank
  • Separate the SW underground water tank by putting copper wire along width of the plot
  • Paint red color on the tanks cover


  1. remedy for toilet in southeast and kitchen in northeast

  2. Our house has south west bathroom and toilet. Where and how should the pyramid be placed. Please help in detail.


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