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While examine the land we should also notice the direction in which the land is sloping and the direction which is higherSLOPE LAND

Slope towards the east

If the slope of the land is towards the east, then the residents of a house built on this land gain wealth. This land is considered auspicious for progress and growth.

Slope towards the north

Slopes of the land towards the north enhance prosperity and good fortune. It also assists in propagating the family lineage.

Slope towards the west

Slope towards the west destroys wealth and wisdom. It also creates regular disputes in the family

Slope towards the south

Slope towards the south is disease producing and it can untimely death.

Slope towards the north-east

Slope towards the north-east bestows all round success, enhancement of fortune along with name, fame and prosperity.

Slope towards the north-west

If the slope is lower than north-east, and then the residents have many enemies and have regular thefts in the house. The owner is always attacked or is involved in court cases. Health of the family members remains a cause for concern.

Slope towards the south-east

If this is lower than north-east, then there is danger of fire and enemies. This is especially bad for woman and children. It also creates thefts, deceipts, disputes and court cases.

Slope towards the south-west

South-west is rahu’s or snake heads direction. Slope in this direction naturally makes rahu’s hold on the family stronger. With the result their unconventional behaviour and they get in to bad habits like liquor, drugs, cigarettes, loose behaviour, gambling, crime etc. their enemies go on multiplying and evil spirits affect their house. They face sudden mishaps and even death.

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