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Vaastu remedies for north east defects.

NE toiletvastuchart
  • Remove W.C. and continue using as the bathing area or washing area.
  • Keep it neat and hygienic. Use air freshener or camphor crystals.
  • Keep one green plant inside.
  • Keep a ceramic bowl filled with sea salt.
  • Fix two pyramid yantras on south and west walls.
  • Fix 18*24 plane mirror on east and north walls.

NE kitchen
  • Keep NE corner of the kitchen clean and empty.
  • NE corner of the floor to be leveled in case it is raised.
  • Put 18*18plane mirror on east or north wall, whichever is more.
  • Keep one pyramid yantra in NE corner of the counter.
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NE master bedroom
  • Keep head towards south while sleeping.
  • Walls of the room should be white.
  • Avoid one pyramid yantra each on both sides of the bed.
  • Avoid red curtains in this room.
  • Avoid any clutter in this room.

NE cut adjoining others property.
  • Put one 18*24 plane mirror on the north and east wall.
  • Keep one aquarium near the NE cut.
  • No almirah or storage on north and east walls.

NE cut with open area without entry to the house.
  • Create door or window in the NE area if possible
  • Fix 12*24 mirrors on north and east wall.
  • Hang one 30 mm crystal ball at the window or door.
  • Avoid blue or red colored curtains on these walls.

NE cut with entry to the house
  • Raise the floor of NE cut upto the level of the house.
  • Create a chajja or cantilever roof at the roof level, with any constructional material.
  • Fix one lamp post exactly on the NE point.
  • Hang 8 rods metal wind chime at the entrance.

NE cut due to staircase
  • Fix one plane mirror 6*36 on top of the main door.
  • Fix 12*24 plane mirror on east wall.
  • Put concave Pakua mirror at the entrance door.
  • Use pyra strips.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    My re ted flat is east facing.

    1. Septik tNk in NE -plss suggest for remedies
    2. Bedroom in NE ,Door in SW


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