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LECHERALA was invented by french engineer, rene naccachian. his first mission was to bring energy balancing treatment into 21st century. described by one scientist as an instrument that is 'ahead of its time', the ALA enables to measure energies in the environment and find those that are beneficial to the body and those that are not. hartman lines, curry lines, geopathic stress, underground stream, negatives energies and etc can be detected with ALA. you set the ALA at the specific frequency and then scan the room to see if that type of energy is present. if the antenna responds by moving downwards, it shows that the energy is present. modern science says that we live in a sea of energy where all matter is made up of vibrating particles and waves. the ALA is a valuable tool in this new science as it is able to measure particular frequencies relevant to humans. measurements are made in COSMOS TELLURIC UNITS,  equivalent to nanometers.
     on can also connect the polarity of a room to ensures that the energy of a room correctly circulating throughout. there is also a special setting on the ALA that allows you to find out the correct placement of an item within the house and also to choose the best material for construction, or even the color scheme that will be the most harmonious of the room.
LECHER antenna, an energy measuring device was developed by GERMAN scientist. further developed and commercially manufactured by SBJ institute in paris, france by object radiates through magnetic fields. these radiations can be measured in wavelength and gives us different reading calibrated at the antenna scale. the lecher antenna was developed for understanding and transmitting radiations inside the human body.
        lecher antenna can also measures environmental aggression through the built objects radiating different energies, all the accumulated positive or negative energies tends to create disturbance which in turn make the inhabitants suffer.

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