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INDIGO color in vaastu

INDIGO color in vaastuINDIGO

Indigo is a deep midnight blue. It is a combination of deep blue and violet and holds the attributes of both these colors.
This color offers a deep connection to the inner self` creates spiritual qualities, and enhances psychic abilities. It promotes deep concentration during times of introspection and meditation, helping you achieves deeper levels of consciousness.
Service to humanity is one of the strengths of the color indigo Powerful and dignified, indigo conveys integrity and deep sincerity.
The color meaning of indigo reflects great devotion, wisdom and justice along with fairness and impartiality.
Indigo loves rituals and traditions, religion and the institutional system conforming to things that have worked in the past white planning for the future.
Indigo stimulates right brain or creative activity and helps with spatial skills.
Indigo can be narrow minded|, intolerant and prejudiced
It can be used anywhere, expect in toilets and kitchens However it is ideal for meditation and study rooms.
Using white or yellow with violet make for a positive combination.
Indigo is a color of lord Krishna.

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