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Selection of land or a site is very important. Just as you would take care in selecting a compatible life partner, be equally cautious while selecting your site too. Avoid buying plots which a oriented to cardinal directions, viz. north, east, west and south.

Selection of land

There are various criteria to be kept in mind while selecting a land. The four great S are the main criteria’s. SLOPE, SHAPE, SIZE AND SOIL, should consider before purchasing a plot. The slope should be preferably towards north-east. Mansara states that the slope of a temple should be towards north-east-north while the dwelling should be always north east east. The ratio of plot should 1:.25 or 1:1.66 or 1:2, second alternative is 1:1.5 or 1:1.75. The third alternative can be 1:2.25 or 1:2.5 or 1:2.75. Ratio of plot beyond 1:3 is considered below average. Plots which have a ratio of more than 1:5 are considered very poor.

The shape should be a regular one. A square and a rectangular are preferred. A non uniform shape like triangle, parallelogram, and semi circle, T or L shaped is considered inauspicious.

Soil test

The examination of the soil is another important aspect of Vaastu. Brihat samhita says that the soil should be soft, of sweet smell and taste and not hollow underneath. A test for finding the suitability of the soli is given here.

Dig up a pit in the site at sunrise. After sometime again fill it up with the dug up soil. If the pit overflows, the soil is said to be fit for building. If the pit just fills the site moderate and if the pit is insufficient, the site is not fit for construction.

The easiest method of seeing a house, plot or business place is to observe the vibrations of the place. Go to the place that you want to buy or rent and stand there and observe the vibrations for one or two minutes with closed eyes and see how you feel there. If you feel happiness, some upliftment and good vibrations buy or rent it otherwise leave it.

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