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Crystals is most common remedy or measures for corrections used in Vaastu as well as in Feng-Shui by many people to keep the negative vibes away form home & surroundings. The energies that a crystal emits is such that nothing could be
unaffected by its aura that happens to stimulate nearby atmosphere and restoring the positivity.
Crystals are well acknowledged for their spiritual power, healing properties and have been energizing our homes to make prosper living place that contain all around bliss.
Crystals attract and give out pure energy. They can be used in the area of the house or office that lacks pure energy. Crystals are used in variety of ways, all with one single goal to create good energy in your homes.
It is best to cleanse the crystal when you first buy or receive them as gift. Crystal cleansing resets their vibrations to be respective to the new home and the new owner as they work like software, whatever is feeded it works accordingly. It catches your thought signals. Crystals should be cleansing regularly, as well as treated in a respectful and loving manner.

Commonly used crystals as remedial measure

  • White- clear quartz raises the frequencies and vibration of energy around it. It ensures good health, education, career, success and protection.
  • Violet- amethyst protects against psychic negative energy. It also increases intuition and connection with spirit guides and with the
    divine. It ensures good health and education, also sharpens memory by activating right brain and pineal gland. This is very useful for females and is also effective in minimizing addiction to alcohol.
  • Pink (rose quartz)- rose quartz increases the energy of love and self love. For love affection smooth relations, harmony as well as protection from evil energies.
  • Green (green jade/green aventurine)- best for health, business and career.
  • Yellow carnelian- used for success in business or any field of your choice
  • Sparkling yellow (citrine)- effective in curing diabetes and for fame and success
  • Red jasper- used for success, spirituality, vitality and potency as well as health
  • Blood stone- increases the level and purity of blood
  • Orange carnelian- enhances the rate of success, controls bad habits and attitudes, and helps in enhancing sex powers and tales care of other problems.
  • Black stone- black stone, such as obsidian, hematite, onyx and tourmaline are very protective against negative energies of all kinds, as is tiger eyes, jade and turquoise. It protects from all types of bad energies including the radio waves.
  • Tiger’s eye- it promotes abundance, helps in decision making and eases stubbornness by helping one to see both sides of situation, builds self confidence and courage, brings out masculine warm energy.

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