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Crystals in the living roomRCRY

  • Best use is clear quartz of crystal clusters and points in the living room or family room, where they send vibrant and sparkling energy in all directions.
  • Quartz clusters are wonderful in the family room because they signify a harmonious unity of various similar parts, all connected to the same base.
  • Another use of crystals in a living room can be by placing hematite or black tourmaline is by the front door to benefit from its protective qualities. They protect the house from negative vibes and bad eye entering the house.
  • You can place several tumbled hematites or black tourmalines either outside or inside your front door in a visually pleasing way. For example, if you have big pots with plants on both sides of the main door you can place them on top of the soil or at the base of the plant pot.

Crystals in the bedroom

  • Tumbled crystals are wonderful to use in the bedroom. Particularly the rose quartz.
  • Have a bowl filled with tumbles of rose quartz close to your bad. Rose quartz has a very healing energy for the heart and will promote a stronger flow of love and heart opening in an intimate relationship.
  • Several clear quartz crystals can also be used to promote clarity in communication.
  • Two rose quartz hearts are often placed in the southwest of the bedroom to promote happy energy in a love relationship.
  • The rose quartz is used to attract love and romance, as well as heal a broken heart.

Crystals in the children room

  • Several place of hematite will help with a grounding quality of energies and making a child stable, if your child has trouble focusing and tends to easily get over excited. You can place it in your child’s room.
  • A rock of amethyst or a lot of tumbles of amethyst on the besides of your child will help in improving concentration and focusing on his goals.
  • Place a clear quartz crystal cluster close to the computer to balance out the energies and protect the child from high electromagnetic field.

Crystals for computers

Computers emit continuous electromagnetic radiation and if you are sensitive, you will find this quite draining after a while. One of the following crystals between you and the screen will absorb some of the radiation but don’t rely completely on your crystal. Make sure you take regular screen breaks.
  • Clear quartz
  • Sodalite
  • Fluorite
  • lepidolite

Crystals as per directions

North- green jade/ green eventurine
Northeast- orange carnelian
East- yellow carnelian/ citrine
Southeast- rose quartz
South- red jasper
Southwest- black agate/ tourmaline
West- amethyst/ blue lace
Northwest- clear quartz

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