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 THE ACMOPOL is an indicator of electric and electromagnetic Acmopolambient pollution. it emits a high tone when it encounters electrical leakage from a power point or electric wiring. it detects various sources of pathogenic emissions, such as:
  • electric pollution emitted by electric wires, conduction equipment, wired walls, wall paintings, wall paper, partitions etc.
  • high tensions electric cables and the distance of the pollution from the cables.
  • emissions from instruments and equipments even if battery driven or charged.
  • emission from televisions and computer.
  • detects if various equipments and installations are properly earthed such as refrigerator,  washing machines, industrial and office equipments, etc.
  • detects whether clothes and material have electrostatic tensions.
  • enables to plug the electric plugs in the correct way. very important for bed lamps and desk equipments emitting constantly towards the cells in the head.
enables to detect microwave leaks from ovens and give the distance of the pollution from the source. such microwave emissions can be most destructive to man, animal and plant.  
 acmopol is very simple to use. it has a buzzer which operates immediately when the pollution exceeds the tolerable level for a normal person. if the person is tired or ill, then 20cm should be added to the distance indicated by the acmopol. a standard 9 volt battery is used to operate this very low energy consuming instrument using high tech electronic component.                                                   

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