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Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang 

Yin (black) and yang (white) are the harmonizing factors of the
universe. They are opposing energies like day and night.  One is
not particularly negative; they are just forces that need to be in
balance in one's environment to achieve optimum peace and

Yin and yang are totally dependent upon one
another and one does not exist without the other.  
Yin and yang are typically portrayed inside a Tai Chi circle,
which symbolizes wholeness. This symbol represents the
harmonization of dualities within the universe. Notice fact,
there is always a little bit of yang within yin (the white spot on
the yin side) and vice versa.                                                    
The following chart breaks down the contrasting general
characteristics that are associated with both Yin and Yang. 

Yin                                                                 Yang 

Black                                                             White
Night                                                                Day
Female                                                              Male
Receptive                                                       Active
Yielding                                                       Dominating
Negative                                                          Positive
Supports, nurtures, and sustains            Creates, initiates and
Shady, northern side of a hill                 Sunny side of a hill
Valleys, rivers, streams                            Hills and mountains
Water                                                           Fire
Metal                                                            Wood
Earth                                                             Air

In feng shui, the goal is to achieve a balance of yin and
yang elements.  For example, if a backyard is too hilly (too much
Yang) one would want to introduce a water fountain or some
plants to break up the landscape.  The introduction of the Yin
element of water helps to balance both factors in the landscape.
The rule of thumb is that too much of the Yin element
creates an isolation and stagnation, too much Yang creates
chaos, agitation and destruction.   

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