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What is Chi?

Chi is simply translated to mean "life force." It is
pronounced chee.  Places that contain broken objects, mess or
negative images are thought to weaken or block the life force.
An individual living in such an environment is thought to have
their own life force weakened by this negative chi. 

Negative chi
is also called shar chi and is represented by anything that
creates shadows, dirties the air or water, is stagnant or has
sharp or intrusive edges. 

Conversely, certain objects and shapes are thought to
assist in the creation of good chi.  These include objects such as
mirrors, plants, bright lights and all moving objects such as
wind chimes, mobiles, televisions, microwaves and electric fans.                                                      
Ancient Chinese scholars named the universal abstract
energy or force that governs our world  Chi which also translates
to mean the  "dragon's celestial breath." This is what the ancient
Chinese scholars named the universal abstract energy or life
force that governs our world. The dragon is an auspicious
animal governs an individual's fate and karma.

Although chi is present everywhere it is thought to collect 
in places that are augmented by certain characteristics of the  landscape. For instance it is considered to be bad fortune to live right next to a swiftly running river or in a dwelling that is exposed to the winds as strong winds and swift water are thought to carry good chi away. A property that is bounded by rolling hills and slow moving meandering streams is thought to create and collect good chi. This type of water flow is thought to bring a residence happiness, prosperity, luck and longevity. 

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