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Lucky Fish

Lucky Fish 

™Single Leaping Carp. The Auspicious Carp is a symbol of 
great wealth, success, perseverance and staying power.  It is 
 available in glass (for setting in the northern career sector) 
and in vibrant orange, pink and gold hues (for setting in your 
southwestern prosperity corner.) 

™ Double Leaping Carp. A common statue features two carp 
leaping for joy. Usually this statue is gold, orange, green and 
pink in color. This joyous image is called Fu Gui You Yu” 
which means,  "brimming with wealth.” A statue, painting or 
print of a Double Carp Fish would be very auspicious to hang 
in your southeastern corner to attract wealth. 

™ Nine Lucky Goldfish. This image is usually found on a scroll 
or a poster that features eight goldfish swimming with one 
black gold fish. Hanging this poster on the right side of your 
entrance (as you look from the inside to the door) is said to 
bring prosperity to a home. The Southeastern (prosperity 

corner) that is ruled by water is also a good place to hang this 
poster. Many Chinese businesses use this poster image as a 
symbolic substitute for a real aquarium.

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