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Lucky Cats

Lucky Cats 

™ The Golden Lucky Money Cat. Golden Lucky Money Cat are 
white or gold ceramic statues. The Cat holds up his left paw 
to attract good fortune into your business or home. Chinese 
Business People consider this figure very auspicious.

 As this 
cat is also a piggy bank, you are supposed to feed him every 
day with a coin to keep prosperity circulating in your life.  
This can display this cat in your wealth sector (the Southeast, 
Southeast, or in your Wisdom sector (the Northeast). Every 
Chinese New Year you are to empty your lucky cat and take 
him to the nearest Buddhist temple to be blessed. 

 The White Lucky Money Cat Bank of Wealth and Health This 
Beautiful Large Lucky Money Cat holds up his right paw to 
attract good fortune. He also protects your health. You will 
often see a Lucky Money Cat displayed on high shelves in 
Chinese businesses.  The best place for you to display it is at 
your front door, in the window of your business or above a 
cash register or computer/ 

™ The Black Cat of Protection. This unusual piece of statuary 
features a cat with an expression of warning and holding a 
broom. The cat's right paw is raised to ward off evil energy. 
The broom symbolizes insight and wisdom and is believed to 
have the power to sweep away worry and trouble. Cats also 
symbolize protection against evil spirits. You may display this 
cat in your wealth sector, (Southeast) in your wisdom sector, 
(Northeast) or in the center of your home or business to 
protect your health.    

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