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Quan Yin. Quan Yin is the Chinese Goddess of Compassion

and Mercy. Her reputation for bringing health, wealth,

prosperity, fertility and fidelity is legendary. 

You can find

Quan Yin's image everywhere in Chinese art and statuary,

decorating fountains, dangling from mystic knots and as

stand-alone statues. Her image is appropriate to place in any

sector of the bagua where you feel you need an extra boost of

mercy and faith to carry your burdens.

™ Tsai Chien. This is a figurine of a fierce looking warrior who

is flanked by a tiger and an elephant. Tsai Shen is one of the

most famous Gods of wealth. Also known as Lu Hsing the

Star God of Wealth. Put him in your southeastern sector to

attract cash.

™ Lord Guan. Lord Guan is a robed and bearded individual

who brandishes an upright sword. He is a powerful protector

and alchemist he reinforces the yang (male energy) in your

home. Place him in your North (career) sector to attain a job

promotion. Place him in your southeastern corner to increase


™ The God of Longevity. This god is depicted in statuary and

posters carrying gold ingots and an oversized peach in his

arms. Chubby laughing children surround him. He is a

symbol of a wealth and a long life. Place his image wherever

you feel you need to be the richest in your life and experience

your ultimatum potential to feel joy.

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