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Chinese Art

Chinese Art  

Chinese Painters strive to create a balance of yin and yang 
in their works, which expresses the poetic structure of their 
meditations and thoughts. Everything depicted in a Chinese 
Painting is a symbol of the things that make up a noble human 
spirit. Chinese Art is usually bought as a print, poster or a scroll. 
Here is a run-down of the most common visuals that you will 
find and what they mean. 

 Couple Strolling Beneath Plum Blossoms.  This picture 
features a courting couple cavorting beneath falling plum or                                                     
cherry blossom petals. Place this image in your southwestern 
corner to bring more love into your life. 
The Chinese Symbol For Double Happiness. This symbol is 
an example of Chinese Calligraphy and should be placed in 
the southwestern corner or under the mattress to attract a 
soul mate into your sphere. 

™ The Waterfall.  These posters feature waterfall gushing from a 
high mountain spot into a stream that meanders across a lush 
green countryside. Use this image to augment the north 
(career) and southeast (money) sectors of your home. 

 Two Peonies. This image is placed in the southwestern 
section (love section) of the home to attract a partner for a 
single female. 

™ The Peacock scroll. This is an elaborate watercolor of a 
peacock that should be placed in the Southern section (fame 
sector) of your home to draw more attention to your talents 
and skills. 

™ Children Riding the Carp.  This beautiful and colorful print 
features  a male and a female child riding the back of an 
enormous orange carp. It is a symbol of prospertiy and many 
descendants. It is well placed both in your western sector 
(which rules children and creativity) as well as the 
southeastern corner to draw weallth into your personal 
sphere. You can also place this poster in the northern (career) 
sector of your home to make sure that in the future you will 
make money doing the things you love.

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