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Chinese Animals In fengshui

Chinese Animals In fengshui

™ Cicada.  The cicada is usually found as a small red lacquered
statue. This insect's purpose is to transform negative energy
into positive and protect your home from intruders.
Traditionally a bright red ribbon is tied around one of the
bug's legs before it is placed near the front door of your home                                                      
for protection. It can also be placed in any sector of your
home where you feel "under attack"

Golden Cow.  This is a small brass or gold colored statue that
features a horned cow sitting on top of a pile of gold ingots
and coins.  Place this statue in the Southeast (prosperity),
North (career) or the Northwest (mentors) sectors of your
home to increase wealth.

 The Eight Horses Statue.  This statue features a herd of eight
racing horses. Usually it is found in red lacquer but you can
also find it in brass, silver, gold, green and glass versions.
The glass version is ideal to put in your North (career) sector.
These statues are also placed in your South (fame) or
Southeast (prosperity) sectors to maximize the chi in those
areas. You can also place this statue near the entrance of your
front door with the horses appearing to run inside to
encourage fame, recognition and opportunities.
™ Celestial Elephant. The Elephant is a symbol of strength,
wisdom, longevity, power and high standards. The Elephant
is one of Buddha’s sacred treasures and is thus considered a
Celestial animal in Buddhism. The Celestial elephant is used
to strengthen love and faithfulness between couples. They are
also used to heighten intelligence and dignity.  You can find
them in red lacer, glass, clay and just about any other kind of
material you can imagine!

Elephant with Raised Trunk. In Feng Shui, the elephant
statue with a raised trunk represents the power and
prominence associated with the head of a family or a
company. It is believed that placing a statue of an elephant
with a raised trunk in your office will lead to successful
business meetings.
™ Elephant with Calf.   It is believed that a childless woman who
places the statue of an elephant with a calf in her bedroom
will promote her chances of conceiving a male child.
™ Six Good Fortune Elephants.  This is a collection of red
lacquered elephant statues that feature the trunks in different
positions.  Each elephant signifies a different aspiration:
strength, wisdom, carefulness, longevity, power and high
™ Mandarin Ducks. Ducks mate for life and the Chinese
perceive them to be a symbol of conjugal fidelity. A pair of
Mandarin Ducks placed in the Southwestern sectors
(relationships) and the Family and Ancestors (Eastern
section) of your home. These little ducks are most commonly
sold as wood carvings that range from tiny models to very
large hand-carved reproductions.
™ Snake.  These highly stylized and vicious looking red ceramic
or red lacquered statues are usually placed in a windowsill as
protection against bad energy. 

™ Zodiac Animals. Animals that equate to the Chinese Zodiac
are also sold as red lacquered or glass statuary.  The
traditional animals are the Pig, Dog , Rooster, Goat, Horse,
Snake ,Dragon, Rabbit Tiger and Ox.  It is considered
fortunate to have the Zodiac animal that suits your birth date
placed in a prominent or honored position in your house or
in the sector of the bagua you feel needs the most help from
the cosmos. 

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